What is “chemical”?

—-Maybe most of us will connect chemicals with test tubes, experimental flasks, or the “hazard” signs like skull and crossbones. In fact a chemical is an element, the element is the purest form of chemical known to man.When multiple elements combine, a chemical compound is formed. Anything made up of matter, or anything that is considered a solid, liquid, or gas, is made up of chemicals.

Are all chemicals dangerous?

—-Of course No. A large number of chemicals not only quite safe but also can make our life better, more convenient and pleasurable.Even the human body is made of chemicals. Just as Margot Wallstrom the former Vice President of the European Commission said “chemicals are a blessing and a curse”.

Can we live without Chemical?

—-Life without chemistry? We would be back to the stone age! Chemicals play a vital role in our survival, nearly everything a person uses throughout the day is composed of chemicals. They are combined in different ways as to create different substances—from the water one drinks to the gasoline that provides the energy for an automobile.